The purpose of this guide is to provide our design & development partners both the assets and the direction to support them in creating fantastic looking, on-brand marketing materials for both digital and print channels.

As far as brand guidelines go, you may find ours allow more room for your creativity when compared with others you may have seen. We select our design partners because we like the work they do – for this reason we want you to feel inspired by this guide to do your best work, rather than constrained.

Plastribution Group brand assets, including the individual brand logos, fonts and colours are to be used as prescribed in these guidelines. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak your Plastribution Group focal points who will be happy to help.

Your focal point:

Matt Goodger

Marketing Executive
[email protected]

Contact the team: [email protected]

The Group Structure

Mike Boswell

Managing Director


Katherine White

Commercial Director


Our Vision

To be the UK’s preferred supplier of raw materials

Our Values


To protect our reputation by being honest and professional and taking responsibility for our actions.


To bring value to our customers, suppliers and industry partners.


To be better than our competition, by being easy to do business with and delivering on our promises


To value and respect each individual , their contribution and provide a platform for growth and career development.


Plastribution Group are experts in distribution

This is something our customers and supply partners know they can rely on


Staying ahead of the game

People come to our brands when they want to solve problems. That’s why we make it work.


Plastribution Group have developed a set of unique processes and systems, allowing us to manage customer expectations on pricing, expectations and flexibility.

Pillars of our Business

The 'Plastisphere'

The Plastisphere guides us on our journey of continuous improvement.

By protecting and constantly refining the 5 elements of the Plastisphere: Physical Assets, Systems & Processes, Human Capital, Leadership and Culture, we continue to respect our company values and ensure growth.

Our Brand Marques

Plastribution Group represents several brands with a familiar colour scheme and marque style. These have all been created drawing inspiration from the “CMYK” colour model.

When displayed on a white or cool grey backdrop, our marque should be displayed using PANTONE 6 C.

For web applications, we prefer our marques are used in a .SVG format.

Spacing – let it breath!

There should always be space around our brand marques known as the exclusion zone.

This should be equivalent to the  height of the emblem within the marque across both axis (i.e a square) and on each corner of the entire logo as demonstrated.

Do not introduce type or graphics into this area.

Colour Schemes

Primary Pallet

The ‘subtractive process’ colours have been selected.

Pantone Process Cyan
Pantone Process Magenta
Pantone Process Yellow

Team Colour Pallet

By mixing the colours of cyan, magenta and yellow  we can create team specific colours.
For people that are not assigned to a definite team, please use Pantone  4277 C as their team specific colour.


Distribution Sales
Pantone Blue 072
Direct Sales Team

Pantone Purple

Business Development
Pantone Green
Styrenics & Specialities 
Pantone Red 032
Engineering Polymers
Pantone Orange 021
Pantone 382
Pantone Yellow 116


Over time, and with the advent of more modern web browsers that support these features, we have started to introduce more gradients in to our brand style.

You can see some examples of these in our work here and here. You can use mainly for backgrounds where you’d like to create some texture and depth. Try to use interesting angles – avoid 90° 180° 270° and 360°.

In the examples below, I’ve mainly used our primary and secondary pallets, but you can play with these colours to taste. Keep them bold, vibrant and exciting!

3 colour gradient, using our primary pallet

300° angle
Pantone Purple into Pantone Blue 072

130° angle
Hex codes: #2F7D65 into #00AD8E

200° angle

Hex codes: #EE354F into #F79D65

130° angle

Hex codes: #28166C into #348BAC

130° angle

Greyscale Pallet

These colours are used for text and background colours only. e.g. website boxes.
The colours can also be used along side the team specific colour palette.

Pantone Cool Grey 1 C

Pantone Cool Grey 2 C

Pantone  4277 C



ITC Avant Garde

For primary headers & bold text

ITC Avant Garde is a geometric sans serif type, that is, the basic shapes were made with a compass and T-square.

Its letterforms are of a soild process, built of circles and clean, simple lines – highly effective for headlines and texts.

This font works best when it’s kept plain and simple. It’s good for clear communication. so when using ITC Avant Garde, try to keep the amount of different type sizes and weights in a single piece of print to a minimum.

For internal stationery and applications that cannot render the typeface – Arial or Helvetica can be used as a substitute. For web applications, TexGyre Adventor can be used.

TexGyre Adventor

For secondary headers & body text

TexGyre Adventor is ultimately very similar to ITC Avant Garde in appearance, however is free and open source.

This is the preferred font for bodies of text such as paragraphs.

In digital applications where neither of these fonts are available, fall back fonts should be Verdana, Arial  and finally fall back to the user’s default Sans-Serif font within their computer system. 



Plastribution has a distinctive graphical style that brings an element of fun and is unique within our industry. We feel it presents us as being approachable, easy to deal with and works really well when our aim is to present bold, clear messages.

We tend to use a “flat” cartoon style of graphic, or an isometric style. We like striking colours and sitting images on a clean solid/gradient background.

We’ve included a few examples in application to provide some inspiration. Many of these types of image are available commonly from stock image sites and are often easy to manipulate as they’re usually vector by nature.  This allows you to inject some of your own creativity.

We use Adobe Stock, but you can no doubt find similar types of images wherever you source your graphics from. Or you can draw them yourself of course!


For icons, we try to use a colourful, flat style that combines well with our imagery.

A great website for sourcing flat style icons is FlatIcon. We have a premium account for this website so have access to their full library.

Please try and display these in a vector format (.svg for web applications) for enhanced scalability and loading speed.


Plastribution Group are our people.

Where we can, we like to use circular headshot photos within our communications.

In an age of mainly digital conversations, it’s great to be able to put a face to a name.

Keeping it simple - some advice

Don’t be afraid of white space.

Give elements space within a page. 

Our clean style allows us to be flexible and inherit elements of the brands we’re representing. 

For example, if we’re producing a piece on an ExxonMobil product, you have the flexibility to use their colours and assets easily and inherit some of their own brands strength.

Please bear in mind that the companies we represent will have their own guidelines, it’s important to work within them.


Download Assets

Logo Pack
(Adobe Illustrator and high resolution .Jpeg files)